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Someone please pray for me to stop hurting immensely over things that shouldn’t matter so much at nineteen…


I’ve been really upset over something, and to distract myself, I cleaned my ENTIRE room. Every corner and crevice. I ended up with several large bags of baggage. Just for the record, I’m still sorta upset. I just want school to start. Please. Soon. I want to go to my classes and focus on something other than my personal life, which is basically everything that doesn’t have to do with school.


Tonight will be dedicated to deep-cleaning my roooom.

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Some things are sent to test us. Clearly you must be good at problem solving if you are being set tough exams.

Jan Hellriegel Aka Geraldine Power 

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How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.

Nina LaCour, Hold Still 

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I no longer want to doubt that I’m worthy of having all my dreams come true.

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A month ago today, I couldn’t stop crying because my mom underwent surgery.